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Meet Our Team

Heather Hawthorne
Founder & Director *I AM* Girls

In the spring of 2011, overwhelmed by the number of women in my practice whose present-day health difficulties had their roots in the time around when they were twelve years old, I made the decision to start a program for teen girls.  I want to reach out to teen girls at a pivotal time in their lives, and offer opportunities for improved self-esteem and health that will in turn impact their families, both present and future.

The mission of the *I AM* Girls program is “To connect girls with their truth, power, and purpose”.  By introducing young teens to leadership and empowerment messages, wholistic health including homeopathy, and yoga, I believe we can interrupt processes that lead to years of pain and suffering.  *I AM* Girls offers a 12 week program for girls 11-15 years old, as well as an annual mother-daughter retreat.

Melissa Wasserfall

True Ashtanga Yoga, Whyte Ave, Edmonton

I started practicing Ashtanga yoga as a daily practice at The Yoga Centre, Edinburgh under the direction of Hamish Hendry and then became a teacher there, completing my teacher training in 1999. I am a direct student of the late Sri K.Pattabhi Jois and currently practice primary, second and some third series.  I have diplomas in sports and remedial massage, phytotherapy (the study of herbs), energy healing and holographic repatterning. Whilst I focus almost exclusively on yoga teaching now, all of these trainings have enabled me to fine tune my ability to read people’s bodies, and to see where each individual student needs particular attention.  My aim as a teacher is to bring my knowledge of yoga and the musculo-skeletal system to my classes, so that the student can practice from a place of knowledge and confidence.

Shannon Veins
Group Leader & Yoga Instructor - Whyte Ave program

http://www.littlewondersyoga.ca/about.htmlSara Hastings-Morris
Group Leader & Yoga Instructor - Sherwood Park program

Little Wonders Yoga was created by Sara Hastings. Her mission is: To bring the joy and benefits of yoga to all children and to provide a fun, educational, and encouraging yoga class that promotes happiness and peace. To support each child's uniqueness on their quest for greatness. To inspire them to be proud of whom they are and to shine their beautiful spirits into the world.

She believes that as adults we are responsible in supporting each and every child. Sara sees all children as “little wonders” that have the limitless potential to shine. She knows the profound effects of yoga and works to enrich the lives of children through her classes.

She took her first yoga class back in 2002 and has been forever changed by her experience of this powerful ancient practice. She obtained adult yoga certification in 2005 with Trinity Yoga and is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. In October 2009 she completed the highly acclaimed yoga for children program, YogaKids and is very proud to hold the designation of a Certified YogaKids International Facilitator.  www.littlewondersyoga.ca   www.facebook.com/tenderheartsyoga

PictureSue Boychuk
Centre for Evolutionary Education, Stony Plain

"Not only BE the Change, but Encourage and Support the Change"

I believe it is critical to our future, to the sustainability of life on this planet, to connect with nature, with others & essentially with ourselves. I believe that intrinsically we all desire this connection and that it is fundamental to survival. Through this connection we can recognize and understand the needs of our ever-changing World and encourage and support change that will sustain all life.

Center for Evolutionary Education is a learning center where people come together as a Community sharing values; to learn and connect.

Casey MacDonald

Group Leader - Stony Plain program

Artist ~ Intuitive Energy Practitioner ~ Health Coach ~ Co-founder of CedarTree Connections

Casey has thrived in a variety of scenarios from developing health programs for Aboriginal women and youth to working as a Fitness & lifestyle Consultant, to an independent website developer and partnering with those that are passionate about ocean conservation, women's inspirational groups and alternative education. Currently she leads a busy but fulfilling life as a mother of two young boys, working at an organic, health food store in Stony Plain and focusing on the development and facilitation of a variety of programs and events.