Beyond Pink: Mother-Daughter Retreat

*I AM* Girls Fall 2014 Mother-Daughter Retreat
Beyond Pink - Celebrating Your Whole Rainbow

Saturday, September 13th @ 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
for girls 8-16 years old and their moms
grandmothers, aunts, cousins & sisters welcome!

Join us for a full day of fun honoring your fullest expression of being a girl!  
  • Outdoor Survival for Girls - orienteer with a GPS, make a shelter, cut kindling & build a fire!  Work together to master some basic outdoor skills.
  • Campfire Cookout - relax & enjoy hotdogs around the fire you made
  • Beyond Pink workshop - where did you get your ideas about how to be a girl?
  • Girl Yoga - breathe into your power & wholeness in this fun yoga workshop
  • Sharing Circle - celebrate our day together by sharing your 'aha' moments

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Retreat FAQ's:
  1. Will mothers & daughters spend the day together?
    A: Yes!  All group activities will involve mothers & daughters working together

  2. What about lunch & snacks?
    A:  Please eat a hearty breakfast before you arrive as our morning will be very active.  A late morning snack will be served; followed by a late hot lunch.  Please indicate dietary needs on the registration form.

  3. Who can attend?
    A:  This retreat is for Girls ages 8-16 and their mothers.  Grandmothers, aunts, cousins and sisters are welcome too.

  4. What is the cost?
    Early registration fees (before August 1st) are $149 for one mother and her daughter.  Additional fees apply for each additional person.

  5. Where is the retreat being held?
    A:  The Colchester Hall is a beautiful community hall in a peaceful rural setting, just minutes off the Henday.  Convenient from all areas, it is located here

  6. Is the retreat indoors or outdoors?
    A:  Both!  We will be outdoors, whatever the weather, for most of the day.  You may wish to bring a change of clothing, as the later part of the day we'll move indoors for our yoga and workshop.

  7. What do I need to bring?
    A:  Each person will need a yoga mat.  The retreat will go rain or shine, and we will be outside for most of the day. Please wear long pants, sturdy closed-toe shoes and layers so that you can be comfortable outside for several hours.  Please bring a change of clothing. Please do not wear dirty or muddy clothing inside the hall. The second part of the day will be inside - and include yoga & a workshop - please bring clean comfortable clothing for this.  You may wish to bring your camera too!

  8. If you have questions not answered here please email me at 

From the book "Packaging Girlhood"
by Sharon Lamb & Lynn Mikel Brown

“The image of girls and girlhood that is being packaged and sold to your daughter isn’t pretty in pink. It is stereotypical, demeaning, limiting, and alarming. Girl Power has been co-opted by marketers of music, fashion, books, and television to mean the power to shop and attract boys. Girls are besieged by images in the media that encourage accessorizing over academics; sex appeal over sports; fashion over friendship. These stereotypes are everywhere, from Disney movies to Hip Hop lyrics, Nickelodeon cartoons to Seventeen Magazine. 
Girls are consistently portrayed as a series of stereotypes: Little girls are “perfect little angels,” sometimes with a sassy twist; elementary school-aged girls are boy-crazy “tweens,” ready to be sold a version of mini-teendom that eclipses the wonderful years of childhood that truly belongs to them; middle school girls are full-fledged teenagers or at least teen-age wannabes and eager to conform to that CosmoGirl lifestyle . And high school girls? They’re sold an image of the sexually free model-diva-rock star that the younger girls are supposed to look up to.”  book inside front cover