Fall 2014

Feedback from our Fall 2014 programs:

  • "I enjoyed it so much, it is a great way for young girls to find what they love."

  • "It was really great.  I enjoyed the yoga and the *I AM* Girls parts, both of them"

  • "My lack of loving myself and purpose for life was boosted thanks to *I AM* Girls"

  • "Before *I AM* Girls I struggled with depression, to the point where we almost turned to medication.  *I AM* Girls helped me and now after this practice I am more grateful and loving to myself and people around me.  PLEASE CONTINUE THIS PROGRAM!

  • "It has a wonderful result.  I have even gotten more confident and stronger self-esteem.  Thank you"

  • "I liked the message.  I liked how we all became friends."

  • "It is an amazing, fun yoga/discussion about how great you are!  Join!"

  • "I liked how we all created new friendships"

  • "Honestly I wish this program was longer"

  • "I loved how the whole class wasn't just yoga there was an actual conversation as well.  The dancing was so much fun"

  • "This program has really made me think about who I am, what I mean to this world, what I can do to show my dharma.  The program made me feel important and think about what I see on the internet, magazines, etc.
  • "This class is really helpful and makes you think plus is really informative.  It's not lame which to be honest before I came it was a lot of my mom forcing me to go, but as soon as I went it was lots of fun, all the talking.  Everyone has a part."

  • "I would tell other girls they should join because it is so fun because we got to do yoga and also learn very important life skills."

  • "Dear Mom,  I really like the *I AM* Girls program because we talked about ways to boost up your confidence and I liked how it is a safe place to discuss.  I also liked doing the yoga at the end!"

  • "I love that *I AM* Girls treats everyone equal and points out people's talents and not their imperfections"

  • "You could advertise more because more people need help finding their inner beauty.

  • "*I AM* Girls is an amazing program that teaches girls about their inner beauty and what their purpose on earth is as a girl."

  • "It helps you with problem solving your social life, sharing, talking.  Thank you Heather for creating this program."

  • "I really enjoyed the program!  The yoga was AMAZING, and I loved talking to the other girls & doing the activities.  If I was telling other girls about the program I would 100% suggest it!  I would let them know that it is a great way to connect with other girls & make new friends.  I would rate the program a 9 out of 10!  I always believe that there is room for improvement, but I REALLY loved it!"
  • "I liked *I AM* Girls because its a good way to interact with people who are just like you."
  • "Awesome stuff.  Yoga was great & hard.  *I AM* Girls is awesome, it is important in my life."

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*I AM* Girls is excited to offer our 12 week program for girls in 3 communities this fall!  

Our programs for girls run weekly, offering 75 minutes of yoga with a YAA certified instructor plus 75 minutes of group activities offering girls opportunities to connect with their truth, power and purpose in a supportive group environment.

   Week 1-6 Overview                 Week 7-12 Overview       
There is No One Alive Who Is Youer Than You
        Week 7-12 Overview

     Week 13-18 Overview         Parent Handbook Sample                            
Creating Fantastic Friendships  

*I AM* Girls with Sara Hastings-Morris in Sherwood Park
Day/Time:   Wednesdays at 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Dates:         September 10 through December 3, 2014 
                    [no class November 12th during the school break]
Ages:          11-15 year olds
About Sara: www.littlewondersyoga.ca  www.facebook.com/littlewondersyoga
Register:      info@littlewondersyoga.ca or 780-405-1678

*I AM* Girls with Shannon Veins at True Yoga in Edmonton
Day/Time:   Thursdays at 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Dates:         September 11 through December 11, 2014 
                     [scheduled break October 23 & 30]
Ages:          11-15 year olds
About:          www.trueashtangayoga.com  www.facebook.com/trueyogaedmonton
         Register:      info@trueashangayoga.com or 780-660-0713

*I AM* Girls with Casey Macdonald at CEE in Stony Plain
Day/Time:   Fridays at 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Dates:         October 10 through November 14, 2014 
Ages:          11-15 year olds
About:          http://www.evolutionaryeducation.ca/i-am-girls-ages-11-15-yrs.html
Register:     sue@evolutionaryeducation.ca or 780-984-3542

For more information about the *I AM* Girls program, and specific information about program content please contact Heather at heather@choicepoints.ca