Retreat FAQs

Q:  Can I bring more than one daughter?
A:  Yes, as long as she is 10 years old or older.  The registration form allows you to register one additional daughter.  If you have more daughters to register, please contact me

Q:  Can my daughter and I bring her Aunt or Grandmother?
A:  Yes!  The registration form allows you to register one additional adult.  If you have any problems or questions with the registration process, please contact me

Q:  I don't have a daughter who is 10-15 years old but I would like to attend?
A:  We have a small number of volunteer opportunities for adult women who do not have a teenage daughter but would like to be involved in the retreat.  Please contact me for more information

Q:  I am a 10-15 year old girl, but I don't have an adult to accompany me?
A:  Please email me at and let me know what's up, and I'll do my best to figure something out :)

Q:  Where is Birch Bay Ranch?
A:  Here is a map to Birch Bay Ranch: click here for map

Q:  I follow a special diet and have concerns about the snacks and lunch?

A:  There is a spot on the registration form to describe your dietary concerns.  We will contact you soon after we receive your registration to let you know how we can accommodate your requests.  If you would like to discuss this before registering, please email

Q:  I have other plans that day, can I attend part of the day?
A:  The retreat is really designed as a full day experience.  We ask all participants to plan to spend the entire day.

Q:  What is the schedule for the day?


Q:  Where can I see the outdoor activity choices?

A:  Click here to see the page with pictures and descriptions of the outdoor activities.  Girls MUST choose 3 activities to participate in.  Mothers may choose to participate in one activity during the morning session, or they may choose to watch.  Mothers will be in a parent workshop while the girls are involved in the other 2 outdoor activities.

Q:  I don't have a PayPal Account, can I pay with a debit or credit card?
A: Yes you can use debit or credit card to pay.  After filling out the registration form, click the Check Out with PayPal button and it will take you to this screen.  Click on the link shown at the bottom to pay with your debit or credit card.
If you DO have a PayPal account, the option "Don't have a PayPal account" will NOT work unless you use a credit card that is not associated with your PayPal account.  If you are unable to pay using PayPal, please contact me directly so I can hep you 

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