Standing in Your Power

Thank you to everyone who participated in
Standing in Your Power Mother-Daughter Retreat
on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at Birch Bay Ranch


Standing in Your Power
What Did You Like Best About the Day?
  • Loved having fun with all the female energy!
  • Love the people!
  • I liked watching my daughter conquer her fear of heights.
  • My favorite part was spending the day with my mom.
  • Loved the boom-whackers!
  • The laughs!
  • Loved having fun!
  • Spending time with my favorite girls!!
  • I loved learning. Thank you for everything!
  • Being here with my daughter - the greatest kid on earth!
  • Spending mother-daughter time with other mothers & daughters
  • Meeting new friends
  • Connecting with the other moms in the workshop and knowing that we're not alone.
  • Interactions with others and activities in & out doors
  • Spending a wonderful day with my mom!!
  • The zipline and the fun
  • Seeing my daughter ride a horse for the first time!
  • Learning about communication strategies in the mom's workshop.
  • Fun!!
  • Being ok with my personal power
  • Rob's energy
  • Socializing & empowering with others
  • Ziplining fun
  • The horse back riding
  • Boom-whackers
  • Thank you for the wonderful day Heather
  • Rhythm, zipline
  • Empowering!!
  • Thank you for everything Heather, we had a wonderful time!
  • Energizing & Fun - thanks!
  • Finding my rhythm with the boom-whackers
  • Every individual is unique, bringing their gifts to the group to empower others
  • It was fun & empowering.  I had an awesome time!!
  • Loved the boom-whacking and connecting!  Thanks Heather, loved the day!  Can't wait for next year.

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