Why We Do This

Everyone who comes together to support the *I AM* Girls program does so because we believe there is a problem, and we believe we can make a difference!  Here are 4 good reasons for the program below - I bet you can think of more...

Reason #1:  Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence

The space of childhood has been invaded.  Everywhere girls go someone wants to sell them a sexualized image of how they're supposed to be. 

This Canadian documentary analyzes the hypersexualization of our environment where marketing and advertising are targeting younger and younger audiences and bombarding them with sexual and sexist images. 


Reason #2 - For Girls Growing Up In Canada It's Tougher Than You'd Think

The Canadian Women's Foundation has compiled this list of 46 challenges that girls growing up in Canada face.

Programs like *I AM* Girls help girls thrive.

Reason #3 - Together We CAN Make a Difference

The Asset Challenge

Research by Search Institute has identified 40 concrete positive experiences & qualities - called Developmental Assets - that have a tremendous influence on young people's lives. Data collected from Search Institute surveys of more than 4 million children and youth from all backgrounds and situations has consistently show that the more Developmental Assets that young people have, the less likely they are to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors and the more likely they are to thrive. Research shows that youth with the most assets are least likely to engage in four different patterns of high-risk behavior, including problem alcohol use, violence, illicit drug use, and sexual activity. When they have higher levels of assets, they are more likely to do well in school, be civically engaged, and value diversity. 

I AM Girls programs align with 21 of the 40 Developmental Assets, and strives to help parents increase the number of assets their children have. 

Information about Search Institute and the 40 Developmental Assets  http://www.parentfurther.com/why/9-parenting-strategies

Reason #4:  Why Thinking You're Ugly Is Bad For You

About 10,000 people a month Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?” Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project has a feeling that many of them are young girls. In a deeply unsettling talk, she walks us through the surprising impacts of low body and image confidence—from lower grade point averages to greater risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. And then shares the key things all of us can do to disrupt this reality.